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Handmade Razor have unique attraction which is not found in other machining ones so handmade work on it make it different from other ones now handmade razor are available in handmade Damascus steel so its called handmade Damascus steel razor. Damascus steel have different type of pattern which increase the attraction of hand Damascus steel razor. We’re working like art of shaving with this premium ¬†Damascus steel straight razor that is beautifully branded with best quality.

This is made of 1095 and 15N20 steel that is folded over and over during the forging process to create the beautiful layers that form the intricate designs on the blade. For luxurious shave This handcrafted piece of art is designed. Many gentlemen enjoyed on a regular basis in the past. Everything about this straight exemplifies premium quality. Go ahead and indulge yourself and make shaving a relaxing experience, rather than a chore.
The history of Damascus Steel being used for making knives, swords, daggers, etc is very old. But now a days many of smith use it for knife and sword and some are using it for art, we are also one of them who are making valuable handmade product like handmade Damascus steel hunting knife, handmade Damascus steel chef knife and handmade Damascus steel sword. Handmade Damascus steel razor one of them which more attractive item to use. You can buy it for your beauty and relaxing. You can buy it for your beauty and relaxing. you can buy it without any doubt its one of the best product of scorpion.